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As Promised…

I’m back from my 4th of July “vacation” on the Colorado-Wyoming border. (I say “vacation” with quotes because it involved sleeping in a tent with small children for multiple nights…)

And yes, I did even wear a cowboy hat.

wearing cowboy hat
FYI, that’s a mosquito bite, not a hickey

Now I’m back and I’m perusing my Amazon page.

Guys, the reviews of Death and Beauty are totally making me cry. In a good way.

happy cry

Here’s what some lovely, lovely readers are saying about my Baldr/Hel romance:

“Be warned you will be sucked into this world!”

“This is my first story by Samantha MacLeod and I know it won’t be the last. I can’t wait to see what she has for us next.”

“The details, the writing and the scenes! I felt like I was transported back to the time of magical, all powerful beings and I am actually sad to find myself back in my living room!”

“This book was sexy, suspenseful, gripping, spellbind and seductive while it was a quick read, it turned out to be the best mythology book I have read in a very long while.”

“A brilliant read. Captivating and perfectly written. Beautiful dialogue and settings.”

Awwwww, friends, you’re making me blush!

You can check out all these lovely reviews on Amazon (and, you know, pick up your own copy of Death and Beauty).

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