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“Get out there and read this book!”

Danielle at Caldwell Publishing is a truly lovely person.

She’s a very romance talented author (you can read my review of her paranormal romance To Trust a Wolf right here), and she writes fantastic reviews.

So what did she think of Death and Beauty, my erotic fantasy romance inspired by Norse mythology?


“Lo and behold,” Danielle writes, “Samantha MacLeod hits another one out of the park. Out of the realm, even.”

She continues: “The writing was superb, as always. MacLeod has a unique way of balancing evocative descriptive details, sharp, witty dialogue, and staging so that you really feel like you’re there.”

Awwww, thank you, my friend!

You can read the full review on Caldwell Publishing’s blog (while you’re there, check out a few other reviews – Danielle is freaking hilarious).

But if you don’t read the review on Goodreads, where you can see all the gifs, you’re missing you. 😉

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