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Flashback Friday: Grad School Life

The Trickster’s Lover, my erotic paranormal romance with the Norse god Loki, is set at the University of Chicago.

Quite possibly the only sexy thing to ever happen at the U. of C.

And yes, I did actually go to grad school at the University of Chicago. I have a “Where Fun Comes to Die” hoodie sweatshirt to prove it (and an M.A., which is slightly less useful than the sweatshirt).

I also actually did study Norse mythology at the U. of C., and I lived in a crappy graduate student apartment much like Caroline’s.

In fact, here I am, chillin’ on the free couch I rescued from the dumpster.

Not pictured: Loki

And yes, that’s a map of Montana on the wall. Before moving to Chicago, I lived in a tipi in Montana.

So I’m not making all of this stuff up.

Just most of it.

sexy wink

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3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Grad School Life Leave a comment

  1. Guessed you and Caroline probably shared those things in common, but it’s always interesting to know where different facets of a character and story come from (too bad the best parts of the book were not biographical!) Love seeing the photo of you and your place from those days!


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