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Mother’s Day is a Bummer

I’m not a Mother’s Day person.

And this isn’t because I’ve had bad mother experiences – my own mom, step-mom, and mother-in-law are all glorious people. My grandmother is so awesome I dedicated my erotica Loki novella to her.

It’s also not because I don’t adore my own loud, frequently irritating children.

Honestly, I tend to resent most holidays, because I tend to resent being told I need to be happy and/or spend money. I’ve written before about my struggles with perfectionism. Well, Mother’s Day, like Christmas, tends to kick that up a notch.

Did the children wake up to bake me French toast and serve it in bed, on a silver platter, with the good china?


Dear God in heaven, perhaps it’s because I’m not a good enough mother!

Of course, Mother’s Day before I had kids kicked off an entirely different set of anxiety. So, if you’re childless by choice or circumstance, I’ve been there too.

But let’s all keep this in mind.

Mother’s Day is Commercial

It’s a huge profit generator for a lot of companies. Hallmark. Flower shops. Places that serve cutsey little brunches with mis-matched teacups.

And if we feel just the tinyest bit guilty about any aspect of our life-long relationship with mothers or children, we’re going to be that much more inclined to drop some bucks.

So, if Mother’s Day bums you out, you’re not alone, my virtual friend.

If your Mother’s Day kicked off with screaming toddlers and burnt eggs, you’re also not alone.

And if you’re not a mother, and you’re feeling left out, my friend, you are so not alone.

Let’s all take on the idea that women need to be mothers in order to be fulfilled – or that mothers need to be super-moms – and punch it right in the damn face!


Happy Freaking Mother’s Day!

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