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Hey, Spring Showed Up!

I’ll admit, it did seem like spring would never come to Maine.

But look! We’ve got daffodils, baby!


And tulips!



I planted these tulip bulbs the day after November’s election, when it really seemed like the future was uncertain.

Honestly, the future still seems pretty damn uncertain (and I’m still writing letters). But seeing the tulips sprout was encouraging.

And now, even the peas I planted next to a snowbank are sprouting!

(Yes, that’s my son helping plant peas in the snow.)

We’ve also got buds on the apple trees.


Maybe it’s just because my Baldr and Hel romance has several scenes in an apple orchard, but don’t those buds seem just a bit…suggestive? 😉

And now you can’t un-see it.

Happy spring, my friends!

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