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Rejection Update!

As I wrote here, my New Year’s Resolution was simple.

Get Rejected!

I pledged to submit more stories, more often, and try to get smacked in the face a whole hell of a lot more in 2017.


So how’s that working out for me?

Well, I’ve gotten six rejections thus far. YAY!


And, of course, I’ve been filling in the swirls on my rejection art.


When I first started the Rejection Art Project (yes, I feel that’s worthy of capitalization), I was writing and submitting literary stories under my super secret real name.

To be honest, my literary stories have tapered off somewhat since making my rejection resolution – I’m just more drawn to erotica, and to bigger, longer, harder…uh…projects.

loki wink

But I still harbor the occasional delusion of literary grandeur, and I’ve still got a virtual stack of unpublished short stories in the trunk, so I’ll keep chipping away at that rejection art.

Bring it on, literary magazines.

bring it on

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