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Hey, Baldr!

I’ve got 50 philosophy essays to grade, an entire novel to revise so I can start the editing process, and the kids were home yesterday with a snow day.

Naturally my brain decided to give me another idea for a story RIGHT NOW!

bang head against wall
Actual footage of Samantha MacLeod

I was sitting down, staring at my mountain of work, when my brain whispered… “Hey, BALDR!”

Who’s Baldr, you ask?

He’s a Norse god, of course! The son of Odin and Frigg, Baldr the Beautiful plays a minor but important role in the Eddas.

Lookin’ good, Baldr!

After Baldr dreams of his own death, his mother travels the Nine Realms, forcing everyone and everything to vow not to harm her beautiful son.

Everything agrees…except mistletoe.

Enter Loki, our favorite Norse god.

loki wink
Lookin’ good, Loki!

For rather unclear motives (which are explained fully in my erotic Loki romance novel, of course), Loki fashions a mistletoe dart and gives it to Baldr’s blind brother, Hodr. The dart pierces Baldr’s heart, and he dies.


The myth continues here, and ends with the punishment of Loki. That’s not what got my attention.

Because Baldr didn’t fall in battle, he ends up in Niflhel, the realm of the inglorious dead.

And who rules Niflhel?

Loki’s daughter, Hel, who is variously described as “half dark and half light” or, more poetically, as half living and half dead.

Lookin’ uh, oh, hi Hel!

Well. I do wonder how the two of them hit it off…

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  1. Have you read Dawn Blair’s Call 1800 Mischief series of novellas about Loki? Where instead of being chained in a cave that is just metaphor and he is exiled to earth as punishment for Baldr’s death and forced to help mortals by finding nonmortals, demigods, monsters, and those from other realms who are there and shouldn’t be and forcing them out of Midgard, He eventually journeys to Hel where we meet Hel in it and find out how she wanted Baldr down there ” for her very own” but then isn’t happy when goldenboy sort of takes over the place! I won’t say much more about the series but Fenrir shows up too and is just adorable! Loki is the suave suit wearing, sports car driving, valkyrie drooling over sort and it is a fun little series.If he lies for selfish reasons to humans his mouth fills with snake venom. Greek and Egyptian as well as Norse deities show up is best part.


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