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Bit of Snow…

I was going to call this post SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!

But I live in Maine now, and Mainers aren’t bit on hyperbole. So I’m going to continue the time-honored tradition of being a dour New Englander by referring to the 3+ feet of snow we’ve gotten in the past ten days as a “bit.”

Ayuh, bit a’ snow.

As in, my back is a “bit” sore after all that shoveling.

Although it is beautiful.


And very, very deep…

Yes, I’m standing here. On top of MORE SNOW!

I’ll have to dig out my cross country skis to make it to the compost pile.

But hey, it does mean we’ve got enough snow to build a snow cave! Yes, this means I finally have a writing cave. 🙂

It’s just a bit snowy.

Like everything else.

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6 thoughts on “Bit of Snow… Leave a comment

  1. Daaaaang, girl! That is some snow for REAL. (I am big on hyperbole, so I’ll go ahead and use those extra vowels and all caps.) You’re a hero for dealing with it so poetically!!


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