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Book Review: To Trust a Wolf by Danielle Hardgrave

Oh, this book is fun!


I’m not much of an expert in werewolf romance (more’s the pity, really) but this story sucked me in from the first mention of ancient Norse treasure.

Helen Jurist works a minimally satisfying job at a small museum. When the book opens, her museum has just received a new excavation of ancient Norse artifacts, and she’s in charge of organizing the annual fund-raiser gala where the artifacts will be displayed to a crowd of (hopefully) generous donors.


When a handsome, mysterious stranger named Rune shows up and expresses an interest in both the Norse artifacts and Helen herself, life gets a lot more complicated. And how does Helen react?

In the most believable, hilarious way possible.

Helen’s narrative voice is an absolute delight. This little book made me laugh so hard my husband actually asked what was so funny (FYI: “lady problems”). The action escalated beautifully, and the romantic tension was both believable and very, very hot.

To Trust a Wolf is clearly the first in a series. Hardgrave has done a wonderful job establishing her characters (I’m especially excited about Benji) and setting up a world where werewolves and vampires blend seamlessly with incompetent bosses, job stress, and uncomfortable shoes.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Check it out for yourself here, and you can follow Caldwell Publishing, the minds behind the book, right here.

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