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Hard Water Fishing

I live in Maine.

And in Maine, in case you hadn’t heard, we’ve got some long winters. So what do you do when it’s below freezing for six months of the year?

Well, you go ice fishing, of course!

Drilling a hole in the ice. Power augers are for wimps.

I didn’t grow up ice fishing, so it’s been an interesting learning experience. For example, I’ve learned ice makes noise.

True story. The ice gurgles and makes deep, disconcerting bubbling noises, especially on a sunny day.

And sometimes it cracks. In front of you.

Scares the hell out of the dog, too…

Also, you don’t just sit around a hole in the ice with a fishing rod. In Maine, most people set traps.

This is a trap.

There’s a minnow on the end of that line. When (if?) a fish bites, the orange flag flies up.

And of course, it’s not just about catching fish. It’s about doing something outside, with the kids, in the heart of winter.

Frozen waves along the shore of an island

Basically, it’s about punching winter in the face.

Suck it, WINTER!

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