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Novel #2: Update & Teaser

I haven’t written much about Novel #2 (working title: The Wolf’s Lover) but yes, my friends, it does exist!

What’s more, it’s actually finished!


At least, the first draft is finished. As I’ve written earlier, my first draft is still miles away from a final product, and this is especially true with a novel.

Right now, the novel is roughly divided into seven sections (for those of you keeping track, Trickster’s Lover was divided into six). I’m in the process of revising each section, then giving them to my very favorite sexy beta reader (that’s you, husband!). Once I’ve gotten his feedback, I’ll tweak it again, share it with my other beta readers, and change what they think needs changing.

Then I’ll print the whole damn thing out and line-edit, just like I did to Novel #1.

And how’s that going?

Well, I’m still revising section one.


The Wolf’s Lover is not, strictly speaking, a sequel.

Caroline’s not the protagonist and Loki’s not the love interest, although the story does take place in the same world and some of the same characters show up.

This novel is about Loki’s son Vali, who was turned into a wolf when Loki was bound under the earth, and Karen McDonald, a wildlife biologist with a dark past who’s studying wolves in Yellowstone National Park. In fact, she’s there just now, watching and waiting with her two graduate students Colin and Zeke…

The Wolf’s Lover Excerpt

There was a moment of silence before the walkie-talkie exploded with Colin’s laughter.

“Boys, boys,” I said, pressing the TRANSMIT button. “I’m not sure this is the best use of our grant-funded research equipment.”

“Roger that, Boss Lady,” Zeke said over the walkie-talkie. The line fell silent, and then Zeke’s voice crackled again. “And do you think the National Science Foundation would prefer Guns N’ Roses?”

I snorted a laugh as Colin’s voice came over the line, clipped and urgent. “Karen,” he said. “Get the tranq gun. Headed your way, north-northwest.”

My fingers trembled as I pulled the tranquilizer gun off my shoulders and loaded a dart. I couldn’t see anything yet, so I grabbed my binoculars.

It was the black male wolf.

Something must have startled him; probably Zeke, from the direction he was running. I took a deep breath and brought the gun to my shoulder. I was raised hunting; I could make this shot. I held my breath as the black male wolf zig-zagged through the sagebrush bushes and across the low grass. I led him just a touch with the barrel of the tranquilizer gun, waited until he was close enough to make out the golden glint of his irises, and then squeezed the trigger.

The wolf yipped in alarm, and I felt a wave of guilt when I saw the bright red dart sticking out of his flank. He took off again, running away from me this time, although it didn’t take more than a minute for his steps to waver. He disappeared from my sight along the creek as the walkie-talkie erupted with cheering.

“Hell of a shot, Boss Lady,” Zeke said.

“I saw him go down,” said Colin. “In the willows by the creek. Headed over now.”

“Me too,” I said.

I walked quickly across the flats. The wind was picking up against my back, and it smelled like rain. We must be due for an afternoon thunderstorm. We’d have to work fast; the tranquilizer only subdued the animal for about twenty minutes. Where did this wolf come from? Canada was the most likely option, although that would be a heck of a long walk, all the way across Montana—

I was almost to the tall willows lining the creek when I saw Colin. His face was bizarrely pale, and my heart started racing as I sprinted the last few feet to reach him.


“You’d better see this,” he said.

He took my hand and led me around the willow bushes.

There, on the soft, green grass next to the river, was the body of a naked man. A bright red tranquilizer dart stuck out of his left thigh.


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