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2017 Resolution: More Rejection!

I’m not usually one for making New Year’s resolutions.

I mean, sure, I’d love to get skinny and organized and handle my finances like a mildly competent adult instead of careening from one disaster to another. But I’d like to have those things in the same sense that I’d like to have a little apartment in Paris, or a completely clean house.

As in, I want them, but I don’t want them enough to bust out the Windex.

However, I do have a New Year’s resolution for my writing! (Other than finishing my damn second novel.)


I’ve gone with indy publishing for Trickster’s Lover, Honeymoon, and Persephone, but I’m still submitting to literary magazines both as Samantha MacLeod and under my super top secret real name.

Last year I started on rejection art, and that’s helped encourage me to slam myself into the brick wall of publishing rejection…

This used to be prettier, but my six-year-old has been “helping” me color in the swirls.

I counted the swirls today, and…only ten rejections. Since May. Not a great track record.

So this year, screw getting into shape, getting organized, and getting a handle on my finances.

I’m going to write more, submit more, and by God – I’m going to get REJECTED!


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