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Coming in 2017: Persephone Remembers the Pomegranates

Being an independently published author is fun, in a riding-a-roller-coaster, “Oh my God I’m going to die,” sort of way.


Because most of the time I feel like this…

Thor has no idea what's going on

I mean, sure, I can bang out a story (double entendre most certainly intended). But writing a blurb? Setting a price?? MARKETING???

I mean, I have a Master’s degree in Religious Studies. Marketing is just about the furthest thing from my comfort zone imaginable.

But, as an indy author, I do have this going for me…

loki does what he wants

I can experiment like crazy because, hey, who’s going to stop me?

So, in that spirit, I’m trying something new next year! I’m branching out to a whole new pantheon…Greek mythology.

I’ve got a stand-alone erotic short story called Persephone Remembers the Pomegranates; yes, it’s a super sexy re-telling of the Greek myth. You can read an excerpt here.

I’m also going to branch out from Amazon and publish this story to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere else I can find. When? Sometime in January – stay tuned for more fun details like the release date and the amazing cover.

Here’s the blurb-in-progress:

    You’ve heard it was the pomegranate.
    Those six juicy, ruby seeds, staining my lips and fingers. Sealing my fate. Damning me.
    Well, maybe so.

    But that’s not entirely the truth.

Sound exciting?

Don’t worry, my friends – you don’t have long to wait!

blow kiss river song

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