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Book Review: Falling Deep by Janine Ashbless

I loved, loved, loved Janine Ashbless’s dark, erotic fairytale Summer Seduction.  Falling Deep is the sequel, and the second book in Ashbless’s Lovers’ Wheel series.

Did it live up to the first?

In a word:


Falling Deep basically takes everything I liked about Summer Seduction and turns it up to 11.


Everything gets more intense in this book.

The characters become more nuanced, from the protagonist Liz’s mysterious great-aunt to the even-more-mysterious old man locked up in the attic. Even the garden around Enniswitrin House becomes more dangerous, fascinating, and compelling.

I won’t be giving too much away (because it’s right there in the book blurb) by saying mild-mannered former librarian Liz has just discovered she has the best role in all of fairytale history: She must have sex with each of the Twelve Months to turn the Wheel of the Year. These Twelve Months just happen to be incredibly attractive men who are very interested in giving oral.

You know, just like real life!

And that would be enough of a plot to carry this novel, honestly.

But it doesn’t stop there. Falling Deep introduces new threats, new characters, and multiple layers of ancient myth. In addition to turning the Wheel of the Year, Liz is going to have to figure out how to save the world. And rescue a very, very sexy imprisoned king.

Speaking of sexy, those scenes with the Twelve Months..?


Like I said, everything gets more intense in this novel.

I didn’t even think I was into submission until I read…


Yeah. November is that good.

Suffice it to say, the world of Enniswitrin House was so fascinating and complex in Summer Seduction I wasn’t entirely sure where Ashbless could possibly go with this series.

And she pulled it off, beautifully.

Falling Deep does everything a sequel should do: The world gets more interesting, the threats intensify, and the characters become darker and complicated. Yes, the sexy time scenes are amazing, but Falling Deep has much more going for it than Liz turning the seasons.

All I can say now is: BRING ON WINTER!

winter is coming stark

You can check out Falling Deep here. Tell October I said hello. 😉

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