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Book Review: Summer Seduction by Janine Ashbless

I love a good fairy tale, erotica, a great plot, and evocative settings. I also love anything that turns convention on its head in a graceful, natural way.

Oh, and I’m a sucker for just about anything British.

I did say anything British…

So I loved Summer Seduction by Janine Ashbless.

Me, after reading this book.

Summer Seduction opens when mild-mannered librarian Liz Haven, who’s just lost her job and her flat in London, receives a mysterious invitation to join her great-aunt Moira in the fabulously named Enniswitrin House.

Ashbless’ descriptions bring this house to life, and it’s exactly the kind of place where I wish I’d spent my childhood: the perfect rambling, mysterious, old English house in the country that I’ve pictured since the first time I read C.S. Lewis, with an overrun garden, an apple orchard, and a really fantastic kitchen.

Liz doesn’t exactly find a magical passage to Narnia waiting for her in Enniswitrin House… but what she does find might be even better.

The magical world Ashbless creates in Summer Seduction is fascinating and believable, in the way that dark, old fairy tales and myths are believable. And this is some seriously fabulous erotica; these are the most exciting and imaginative sex scenes I’ve read.

In addition to having great sex, this novel  gleefully ignores conventional romance tropes.

Or romance “guidelines”

Instead, Ashbless subverts expectations to create a fascinating story about a woman finding herself, literally and figuratively, in a world full of magic, danger, and sex. And I get the feeling things are only going to intensify in the next book…

Check it out here – Enniswitrin House is worth a visit!

blow kiss river song
Have fun, loves!

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