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Behind the Scenes: My Current Project(s)

Wow, it’s been a busy summer.

In addition to moving across the country, I’ve got a ton of writing projects in the works.

cat typing
Actual footage of Samantha MacLeod

First, The Trickster’s Lover comes out on Kindle in under two weeks! You can already buy a paperback version, and soon you’ll be able to buy 100,000 words of sexy adventures with Loki for your e-reader.

Did you say sex & Loki?!?

And my literary short story, “John Cutter Entertains a Visitor,” comes out in Typehouse Magazine this September. The visitor isn’t named, but if you’ve read The Trickster’s Lover, you’ll recognize him.

loki wink

In Unpublished News…

I’m working on a Loki/Caroline novelette sequel to The Trickster’s Lover. That’s pretty much finished, aside from some minor tweaking. And I need a cover. (Read: I need money to buy a cover.)

I’m not going to tell you the title of that story, because…


But it should come out this fall.

I’ve also got a rough Loki/Caroline Christmas special in the works (it involves Hel), and that may or may not come out – somewhat obviously – for Christmas!

christmas special dr who shut up santa
You’re getting Loki smut under the tree, and you’ll like it!

Plus the fabulous Torrance Sené invited me to be part of an upcoming anthology of contemporary erotica. My story will probably involve the fey, and I think it’s going to be an expansion of my favorite flash fiction.

Yes, Tam Lin just wasn’t enough sexy Fey for me.

AND there’s the next novel

My second novel is about Loki’s son Vali and Karen McDonald, a wildlife biologist at Montana State University.

1st Vali teaser - life gets complicated

I’d say this is about 75% written, which means I’m maybe halfway to publishing – revisions and editing are a bitch.

But I’m going to tell myself this will work!

we can do this!

And hopefully the Vali novel will be out in the spring of 2017.


None of that is what I’ve been working on these past two weeks, in motel rooms and with my laptop propped against cardboard boxes.

and now for something completely different

I’m working on my first M/M romance!

It’s a high fantasy about Prince Liam, who returns to his kingdom after five years at the Academy to find political intrigue, an ailing king, and his closest childhood friend Cerdec, who is now his personal guard…

Thor Wink
And Cerdec looks like Chris Hemsworth

Like I said, it’s been a busy summer.



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