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The Trickster’s Lover is on Amazon!

Wow, The Trickster’s Lover is on Amazon.

I’m a legit published author.

Hell yeah.

dr who puts on shades

The only version available at this very second – 9:05 on Tuesday, August 9 – is the print version. Which is beautiful and costs $17.99. (CreateSpace wouldn’t let me sell it for less.)

Did I mention it’s beautiful?

If $17.99 seems like a bit much to pay for the greatest paranormal romance about Norse gods ever written, hang in there! You’ll be able to pre-order a Kindle version for $2.99 in a few days.

Yeah, I wanted to have it available today, but…

no idea what I'm doing

And I didn’t realize it takes 72 hours for Amazon to process a book.

So hang in there, friends!

Oh, and remember you can enter my Goodreads giveaway to win a free, signed version.

blow kiss river song

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