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Release Date for The Trickster’s Lover

Mark your calendars, my internet friends!

The Trickster’s Lover, my novel about surviving graduate school, falling in love, and preventing Ragnarök, comes out Tuesday, September 6th and will be available for pre-order on Amazon beginning August 9th.

The Trickster’s Lover (Small)


big lebowski dance

If you want to be as excited about this as The Dude above, check out the book blurb or this preview.

And if you just can’t wait that long to read an erotic romance featuring the Norse god Loki – hey, I can’t blame you – then let me know!

Post a comment and we’ll talk about getting you an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review of the novel on Amazon and Goodreads.

loki wink

10 thoughts on “Release Date for The Trickster’s Lover Leave a comment

  1. We’ll be opening up a review section of our blog soon! As you can see from our first book, the Norse love is strong with this one. We’d love to get an ARC 🙂


  2. Having read the blurb and preview, I would definitely be interested in reading this book, and I would be happy to leave you an honest and detailed review once I’ve finished reading.
    Please let me know if you are interested in sending me an ARC or a reasonable facsimile. Thanks! 🙂


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