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More Sweet, Sweet Rejection

Got another rejection email today for a short story I submitted under my real name. (I hesitate to say “serious story” because it’s about aliens and taking over the world… but there’s no sex. At least, no erotica.)

This was the first time, in my history of ~40 rejections, that the letter actually included some personal feedback.

All this time, I’ve been saying, “Wow, I wish the editors would just tell me what they didn’t like about my story!”

tell me

Well, this editor did.

Basically, he didn’t like everything. The beginning. The middle. The end. And all the other bits, too.

And, from now on, maybe I don’t want to know what they didn’t like about my story…

thumbs down

Also, the editor said: “Perhaps too much reliance on swearing to convey the conversation tone.”


Ah well, at least I get to color in one more swirl!


 Curious about my writing? Check out this excerpt from my paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel, or my flash fiction.

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  1. A lot of rejection slips I’ve gotten had checklists, and many times I would look at it going, “Why did they check *that* one? I honestly don’t see how it’s relevant to my story.” Eventually I started noticing that sometimes the item above or below the one they had checked *could* be relevant, so I think they put their checkmarks on really sloppily. I wish they’d go back to printed slips, frankly!


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