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Marvel Movies & Drink Pairings: Civil War (Team Cap)

If you haven’t seen Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING THIS BLOG?!?



This post contains spoilers.


The Movie is Captain America: Civil War

civil war

Now, this is the movie that splits the Avengers.

That divides loyalties.

That pits friend against friend, brother against (sort of) brother. Or sister. Or sentient robot thing with an infinity stone in his forehead.


To properly match Civil War with an alcoholic drink, first you need to ask yourself: Whose Side Are You On?

Team Cap

cpt america salute

Team Cap does pretty well in this movie. I mean, aside from abandoning his shield, having half his team turn against him, and almost killing his frenemy Tony Stark.

Plus having his bestie go back in the deep freeze.

But the point is, Steve Rogers stood by his principles, even when the whole world turned against him.

The Drink: Old Fashioned

So I’d make Team Cap an Old Fashioned.


Now, I know that Steve Rogers can’t get drunk. But you know who could really, really use a drink after this movie?


Raise your bionic silver arm if you want a drink!

And if he didn’t get an ice cold Old Fashioned before he went back into suspended animation, hell, I will personally travel to Wakanda, get my ass kicked by the female assassins/body guards, unfreeze Bucky, and give him this drink.

Plus anything else he wants.

Hey, tortured, long-haired villains are hot. (See: Loki. Also, Loki. And this Loki.)

Team Cap’s Old Fashioned

1 tsp. simple syrup

Angostura Bitters – just shake them into the glass twice

2 oz. – a scant shot glass – of rye whiskey. (Bucky likes Knob Creek’s)

1 orange slice

Combine simple syrup and bitters, then fill the glass about halfway with ice. Stir. A lot. Then squeeze the orange slice over the mixture, add the whiskey, and stir again. Lots.

You can garnish this with a cherry. If you must.

Enjoy, my Team Cap friends!

Team Iron Man coming soon, I promise.


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