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Novel Update: Off with the Betas!

Yes, dear reader, I’m still line-editing my dark, erotic novel about Loki. (The novel sounds fun, right? You can read a preview here.)

But I’m not going to let a few typos stand in the way of PROGRESS! So I’ve sent the novel off to some beta readers to get their feedback.

read the book
Just like this

I’ve actually already gotten feedback from two people.

But those two people were my husband and my good friend Laura. And they said the book was great!

We loved it!!!

But… of course my husband and my friend are going to say the book was great. (Actually, they both gave me super helpful feedback, which I really appreciated. Once I stopped crying.)

So I made the changes they recommended, and then went on to the next step: Sending the book to people I don’t know.

People who have no reason to be nice to me.

hated it
Beta Readers

How did I find these beta readers, you ask?

Thanks to the magic of the internet!


I joined some “Beta Reader” groups on Facebook and then posted my book blurb. And a few wonderful people expressed an interest. YAY!!!

So now The Trickster’s Lover is off in their capable hands. And I’m trying not to freak out as I wait to hear back from them….

freaking out
Actual footage of Samantha MacLeod

Oh yeah.

And I’m still editing.

Editing?!? I’d rather fight the White Walkers

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  1. My mind, throughout reading your book, would probably be tainted with images of Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston, from previous Thor movie experiences… sorry 😉



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