Book Review: The Highest of Stakes by Selene LeGrom

Okay, let me preface this by saying I’ve never been to Vegas, I can’t play a game of poker to save my life, and my eyes tend to glaze over whenever someone starts talking about gambling.

But I loved this story!

Daniel Sinclair and Steve Langley have a history. They were both raised in families devoted to professional gambling, families who also hate each other. And now they’re both looking for a partner…

Daniel and Steve’s story is moving, sweet, and authentic. (Also, hot. So, so hot…)  And Selene does a great job making the gambling exciting and accessible so that even I – an avowed non-gambler – understood what was happening and cared about the outcome of the games.

This story does exactly what a good piece of fiction should: It took me to another world, made me care about the people who live there, and left me feeling like I actually learned something.

Am I planning a trip to Vegas? Hells no.

But I am going to read this again…

Interested? Check it out here.



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