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Writing: Rejection Art!

So I’m going indy for my dark, erotic paranormal romance/urban fantasy about Loki (Got your attention? Check out a preview here).

But I’m also writing sci-fi and speculative fiction under my boring, regular name (yes, this is a pen name). And I’m trying to publish those stories the old fashioned way.

Which means banging my head against a brick wall of rejection.


bang head against wall
Actual footage of Samantha MacLeod

And yeah, I’ve got some coping mechanisms. I wrote a post about them here.

red wine
And there’s wine.

Still, as much as I know writers need to develop a thick skin, that brick wall of rejection hurts.

And I’ve noticed I’m sending out fewer and fewer stories. Plus I’m trunking stories faster, sometimes after just four or five rejections.

This is not good policy.

thumbs down

But rejection sucks. It’s demoralizing. And it’s hard to motivate myself to face it again. And again. And again.

Then I stumbled on Map Your Progress, and I ordered this awesome heart:

rejection art

The plan is to fill in one little swirl for every rejection letter. There are 100 swirls – by the time this little heart is a beautiful explosion of color, I’ll have submitted 100 times.

And maybe even gotten a few publications.

I got a rejection the very same day I got my heart in the mail. Whooo-hooo, I had a reason to color in one cute little swirl!

Here’s to more rejections!


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