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If I Could Grade Essays with GIFs…

This post goes out to all my long-suffering teaching friends!

Since it’s May, if you’re not already surrounded by a stack of fifteen-page research papers written under the influence of caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, and possibly all three at the same time, well, you will be soon.

I can’t make the pain go away.

But maybe I can make it funny.

Here’s the perfect one for sentences like, “The things you say almost always have an impact on the person they are said to.”

Okay, you’re making some sort of argument, but it doesn’t have any relevance to the class…

Or, hey, you’ve managed to say something in your essay that I said in class. About five million times.

iron man you're not wrong
nope. no wrong.

Sometimes, I can read an entire essay and still feel like this:

Thor has no idea what's going on
Did you even write this for my class?!?

And then, when I’m almost to the bottom of the pile, and that penultimate essay is really, really bad…

anyone else
You get an F. An F-

But then you finally get an essay you absolutely love. The student got it. Your entire career hasn’t been in vain!

iron man explostion
I am The Greatest Teacher EVER!

Hang in there, my grading friends.

That Tony-Stark-standing-in-front-of-an-explosion essay is coming.

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