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Novel Update: Judge Me By My Cover!

So I’ve started working with a designer on a cover for The Trickster’s Lover!

kermit happy dance

This is so freaking exciting!

How did I find a cover designer, you ask?

Well, I’m happy to tell you!

Basically, my answer is Google. I spent way too much time checking out websites, reading reviews, and mostly admiring covers. I finally found someone whose work I really liked, and whose prices fit my budget.

Actually, he was one of the first sites I found, and I kept going back to him and his kick-ass covers.

Who is it, you ask?

No, I’m not going to tell you who it is until the big cover reveal.

Then I sent him an email to see if he’d want to work with me. Basically, I wrote, “I’ve got this paranormal romance/urban fantasy with lots of sex, and I do not want a shirtless beefcake on the cover.”

(Interested in the novel? Read a preview here.)

No offense, Fabio.

Not that I have anything against shirtless beefcakes, mind you. Loki’s just not a beefcake, and he’s rarely shirtless.

The designer said, “Cool!” and sent me a four-page form to fill out asking for many details about the book, the plot, and the imagery.

Then he sent me a few first drafts, which was awesome. And also strangely emotional. (Seriously. I cried.)

Picking a cover is one of the things I love about indy publishing. It’s a big deal.

big deal

I don’t want shirtless beefcake, but I also want to make sure I fit my genre. If my book doesn’t look anything like the other paranormal romance/urban fantasy books out there, it might be *gulp* ignored.

So I’m trying to strike a balance between representing the story, fitting the genre, and looking really freaking amazing.

This is me.

Oh yeah, and I’m still line-editing the novel.

(Side note: I am the slowest editor in the world. Seriously. If I’d hired myself, I would totally fire myself over this. Which would be awkward.)

Maybe I should have waited until the manuscript was 100% perfect before ordering the cover.


loki does what he wants

Because I’m an indy writer.


Wondering what the hell I’m talking about? Click here for a preview of The Trickster’s Lover.

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