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Book Jacket Blurb!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a book jacket blurb!

I’ve been freaking out about this, and I’ve finally gotten the blurb to the point where I’m (somewhat) happy with it.

So naturally, I’m sending it out into the Internet.

Fly, my pretty! FLY!

Please let me know, dear Internet, if this is the kind of description that makes you want to spend $2.99 on an awesome urban fantasy/paranormal romance:

The Trickster’s Lover


Surviving Graduate School ~ Falling in Love ~ Preventing Ragnarök

Graduate student Caroline Capello has always been more comfortable with books than people. She’s just moved to the University of Chicago to become the world’s foremost authority on Norse mythology, making her the only member of her big, Italian family to leave San Diego.

But she’s wondering if she’s just made the biggest mistake of her life.

When Loki, the enigmatic and irresistibly sexy Norse god of lies, appears in her studio apartment, Caroline is forced to question everything she’s learned.

Do the gods exist? Are the legends about Ragnarök, the apocalyptic battle that destroys the gods and ends all Nine Realms, actually true?

Or is she losing her mind?

(Excited? You can read a preview here.)

(Not so excited? Let me know in the comments! I would LOVE feedback!)


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