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Pen Name Pros & Cons

Samantha MacLeod is a pen name. (I know, it’s great, isn’t it?)

So why am I using a pen name? Well, my dear reader, I’d love to tell you.

Pen Name Pros

The biggest pro, in my opinion, is this: My grandmother will never read the super explicit sex scenes in my novel.

(Got your interest? Preview the novel here.)

If I had to write my novel thinking about what my grandmother, sister, Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, dog, and cat would think of me after they’d read it, I’d be like this:

scared to write

But once I started writing under a pen name, I knew wouldn’t have to look my family in the eyes and say, “Yup, Loki cut her clothes off in Act I, Scene I. And she liked it.”

And then I was like this:

cat typing
Actual footage of Samantha MacLeod

And there’s another pro for pen names: I have a secret identity.

superman phone booth
Just like me!

In my regular life, I’m a mild-mannered adjunct professor.

But in my secret life, I’m writing whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I feel like it. Without worrying about my friends or family ever reading it.

How you feel when you use a pen name!

Yup. Bruce Wayne and I have something in common.

bruce wayne

Not the mansion. Or the money. Or the cool gadgets.

Just the secret identity.

Still, it’s not all pros…

Pen Name Cons

So my family and friends don’t know I’m writing erotica. That’s great – I’ve got my freedom.

But I also don’t have the built-in audience for my stuff.

clap clap
Very nice, dear…

AKA, I can’t guilt my friends and family into buying my novel.

So everyone who buys my book is going to buy it because they want to read a novel that opens with Loki cutting someone’s clothes off. Not because I wrote it.

And that’s cool.

And also a little terrifying.


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