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Wow, do I hate trying to sell something.

So I was a Girl Scout in grade school. And guess who always had the worst sales and never won any of the shiny awards? That’s right. Me.

I couldn’t even sell GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! And people freaking LOVE Girl Scout cookies!

girl scout cookie
Seriously – these things sell themselves

But me. I’d walk up to someone’s house, ring the doorbell, and then mutter incoherently if they actually answered.

Yup. Born salesman I am not.

This is NOT me

This is not a problem IRL (in real life), because I don’t need to sell anything as an adjunct professor who shows The Avengers as part of her mythology class.

But I’ve decided to indy-publish my urban fantasy/paranormal romance (preview here!). Independent publishing is awesome for many reasons, but one downside is the author is totally responsible for the marketing.

Which means I need to find out how to sell something. On my own.

Cue the panic attack.

freaking out
Now this – this is much closer to me

So I’ve got a few plans.

Plan of Attack: Twitter!

I’m on Twitter! @WriterSamMac (You should totally follow me)

And my Twitter fans are all, each and every one of them, totally awesome.

I’ve also made some shiny word art at the website Quotes Cover to spice up my tweets about my dark, erotic Loki novel. I love how they look, and they’re free. Can’t argue with free!

prevent ragnarok

Plan of Attack: Tumblr! Facebook!

I’m also on Tumblr and Facebook.

Not quite sure what I’m doing there yet. I mean, Tumblr’s awesome for finding every single Thorki reference under the sun, and Facebook is a great way to know exactly how many kids each of your friends has at the moment, but I’m not sure how to use them for marketing.

As soon as I stumble onto something that works, I’ll be sure to let you know.

And if you know something – anything! – about Tumblr or Facebook, let me know, my Internet friend.

Plan of Attack: Book Blurb!

And I’m working on the book blurb! Also panicking about it.

Basically, it’s got to generate interest in the book without giving too much away. And it has to convince someone to part with $2.99 and join me on a wild ride through Chicago, San Diego, Iceland, Asgard, and the end of the world.

no pressure

And it will. Oh yes, it will.

Right, that’s my last plan.

Plan of Attack: Telling Myself This Will Work!

I’m countering my freaking out by telling myself that this will totally, totally work. We’ve got a plan! We can do this!

we can do this!


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