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Novel Update: Freaking Out About Everything

Yup. I’m freaking out.

So I’ve made huge revisions to my massive WIP (read a preview here). Then two wonderful, patient beta-readers give me their feedback, which turned into more revisions.

Right now I’m still line-editing the whole thing. I’ve made it through the first 100 pages, and it’s much, much better after a slow, careful read.

grammar police
This has been me

The novel is split into eight sections, more or less at random, just so I don’t have to scroll through 245 pages to get to that one scene.

Right now the first section is solid. It’s been revised. It’s been edited. And honestly, it’s probably as good as it’s going to get.

The Iceland section still needs work. And the ending…


Right. I’ll just say that needs revision too.

But it’s getting close. So close it’s terrifying, to be honest. And now I’m freaking out about…

The Title

So the book’s title has to summarize the entire 100,000 word plot, grab attention, look good in big, shiny letters on the cover, and let the reader know what to expect.

no pressure

First I called it The Book of the Gods’ Mortal Lovers. 

Then I thought that was a bit too academic and boring. (But maybe a good name for the series? Oops, spoilers again.)

Then I changed it to The Trickster’s Lover. Shorter. Catchier.

And then I changed it to Loki’s Lover. Because everyone loves Loki, right?

happy loki
Yes. Yes they do.

But now I’m freaking out. Will readers think, “Who the hell is Loki?” The Trickster’s Lover sounds a bit catchier… I might go back to that. Or not.

Like I said: Freaking. Out.

And then there’s…

The Book Jacket Blurb

Like the title, the book jacket blurb has to grab the reader’s attention, let them know what the book is about, and generate excitement. Also, it has to convince someone I’ve never met to fork over their hard-earned cash.

Without giving too much away.

In the space of roughly a paragraph.

Now, I wrote a lot in college, and I went to a lot of open mic nights to read my stuff. Whenever my friends asked, “Hey, what’s your story about?” I’d panic and mutter something like, “There’s this girl, and stuff happens.”

there's this girl
Worst. Blurb. Ever.

So when I start thinking about writing the book jacket blurb, the thing that will actually convince people to buy and maybe even read my book, I just remember trying to mumble a summary of my short story before I climbed up in front of the coffee shop microphone for my reading.

And then I do this:

freaking out

As if that wasn’t enough, I also started freaking out about…

The Power of Literature to Really Convey Any Truth About Human Existence

And that’s when I had a glass of wine and went to bed.

red wine
And by glass I mean bottle.

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