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Hire an Editor?

Hey there, internet friends!

So I’m in the process of line-editing my novel. I’m also thinking of independently publishing my novel, and I’ve been reading lots of helpful advice like, “If you’re going to indy publish, then you’re a complete, raving lunatic if you don’t hire an editor!”

ripping paper
This is basically what an editor does, right?


There’s only one downside to hiring an editor.

money to burn

It looks like most editors charge something like one cent per word, which seems totally reasonable to me. Editing is hard work; I value and respect all you editors out there.

But my WIP (that’s Work In Progress) clocks in at just under 100,000 words. At one cent per word, that’s $1,000. Or, as my husband likes to call it, RENT FOR AN ENTIRE FREAKING MONTH.

So I’d like to put a shout-out to the Internet world and ask: What Did You Do?

Help me out here, Internet!

Did you self-publish? Are you thinking about it?

Did you hire an editor or go it alone? How did you decide?

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments, virtual friends!

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  1. As an indie author, I’m not interested in paying .01/word for a single person to look over my MS once. To be honest, really good editors cost a lot more than that, and the quality provided at that price point just isn’t worth what you pay. If you go to Upwork, you’ll find a lot of decent editors in the .003 to .005 range. Granted, these aren’t people who have shepherded NYT bestseller or anything, but generally, you can find people who know more about editing than you do.
    My typical procedure is:
    – Write a rough draft. Polish a little bit.
    – Send to (3) beta readers who charge around .001/word. Paid beta readers are a great substitute, imo, for a developmental editor. You can find some over at kboards or at fiverr.
    – Do a fairly substantial revision based on the comments for the beta readers.
    – Send polished manuscript to copy editor from upwork. My budget is in the .003 range, and I get a lot of interest for that amount. You can probably get some bids in the .002 range if money is tight.
    – Correct and proof for final draft.
    – Upload to Amazon and watch the money roll in

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