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Novel Update: Editing!

So my first novel, Loki’s Lover, is written. All 98,000 words of it. (Here’s an excerpt)

kermit happy dance

Of course, as the saying goes, you don’t write a novel. You re-write a novel.

And I’ve done some massive revisions. I threw out the first 150 pages and re-wrote them from scratch, adding scenes, developing characters, that kind of thing. Then I realized the first section really dragged, so I went back and cut most of that out.

Kill your darlings, right? (Sorry, fictional character Mark…)

Don’t ever, ever argue with Stephen King

When I’m feeling good about my work – which is about ten minutes out of every week – I think the revisions went pretty well, and I’m ready for the next stage: EDITING!

burn manuscript
And this is what I feel like doing with the novel the other 10,000 minutes of the week.

Of course, this is my first novel, so most of the time I feel like this:

no idea what I'm doing

Luckily, I’m also an adjunct English instructor, which means I’ve got hundreds of hours of underpaid experience GRADING PAPERS!

So here’s my plan: I printed out my novel (all 394 pages of it) in standard manuscript format: double spaced, Times New Roman font, just like an editor would see.

Oh, the glamour! Also, my floor could really use a vacuum.

Now I’m going to read through the manuscript, red pen in hand, and try very hard to catch all my typos, my passive voice, the times when my characters’ names shifted.

And I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Oh, one more thing…

I’m about to travel to spend Easter with my family. I’m going to bring the manuscript with me… but it’s a paranormal romance with explicit sex scenes. So this is what I wrote on the file folder:


Now I know none of my family members will look at it!

I’d love to hear about your editing and revising strategies in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Novel Update: Editing! Leave a comment

  1. Ha, love it! Currently at 52 pages in the latest book, some excerpts on my profile, and I need to edit my other one.
    I don’t know why, but I love seeing people doing the same thing I am, the whole ‘journey’ I guess? I dunno I don’t want to sound like an irritating writer but it really inspires me when I see this kind of thing.

    Keep going!


  2. 98k – what a large undertaking! My best strategy toward revision is absolutely recording myself reading it. Hearing it back helps me catch those errors my eyes would’ve otherwise missed. Good luck with your ‘taxes’!


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