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Norse Gods & Your Week: Saturday

All right, we made it to Saturday!

Why do we call it Saturday?

Monday through Friday are named after Norse gods, but Saturday is named after the Roman god (and planet) Saturn.

If you liked it, then you should’ve put a… Oh, never mind.

But wait, you say – isn’t there some connection to the Norse gods on this, the most fun of all days?

Well, since you asked…

I’ve heard the argument (made here and elsewhere) that Saturday is based on the word Sataere, and that Sataere is another name for Loki.

Sadly, there seems to be absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

the dude bummer

The original Scandinavian word for Saturday was Laugardag. This pretty much translates to “wash day” or “bath day.”

Or… Loki’s Day? If by Laugardag they meant Loki?

Okay, the scholarly evidence for this connection is admittedly scant. But seriously, what would you rather call Saturday?

Wash Day?


or… Loki’s Day?

happy loki

That’s what I thought.

Now get out there and make Loki proud!

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