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Norse Gods & Your Week: Wednesday

hump day
Nope, Wednesday isn’t named after a camel

Why do we call it Wednesday?

Thanks to this guy here:


Wednesday comes from Wodan’s Day, or Odin’s Day. Odin has about a million names, and one of them is Wodan.

Odin, father of Thor (and, in some universes, Loki) rules the Norse gods. He traded his eye for wisdom, he gave the gift of poetry to humanity, he was worshipped across the Nordic world…

And he was the inspiration for both Gandalf and Dumbledore.

dumbledore and gandalf
Come on, now – these two are totally related

Interestingly, in Germany Wednesday is called Mittwoch, or “Mid-Week.”

Yup – in English, Wednesday is named after a Norse/Germanic god. In Germany, it’s called “Middle of the Week.”

no sense

Yup. Welcome to Wednesday, people.

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