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Norse Gods & Your Week: Tuesday


Why do we call it Tuesday, anyway?

Thanks to this guy right here:


That’s Tyr, the bravest god in Norse mythology.

How brave, you ask?

When the gods tied up the Fenrir, the monstrous wolf who will kill Odin during Ragnarok (and also Loki’s son), they got the dwarves to make a rope capable of holding the wolf.

There was just one minor problem – getting the rope around the wolf.

The gods tried to trick Fenrir, assuring the wolf he was strong enough to break this tiny, little rope. But Fenrir wasn’t buying it.


So they made a bargain. Fenrir allowed the gods to tie him up if one of the gods put their hand in his mouth. If the gods failed to untie him, he would bite off their hand.

Who was the only god brave enough to put his hand in the wolf’s mouth? Tyr, that’s who.

And did the gods let Fenrir go after they tied him up?

Of course not!


So Fenrir is bound until the end of time, and Tyr lost his hand.

But at least he got… Tuesday…

And that’s how I lost my hand, kids.

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