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Writing: Dealing with Rejection

If you’re a writer, guess what? You’re going to get rejected. A lot.

(No, not alot. That’s not a word. If you’re a writer, you need to know these things.)

Here’s how to deal.

1.Put It In Perspective

Yup, there’s a reason your work got rejected.

ripping paper

It’s because your writing is so freaking awesome it would make everything else they publish look bad.


2.Rejection Fucking Sucks

And it’s okay to be upset about it.

Even this upset

Bake yourself some cookies. Specifically, bake these peanut butter cookies. And add one cup of Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups.

You know what goes well with those cookies?

Red wine.

red wine
Keep pouring…

A friend told me sending out your writing is like dating.

Guess what?

Dating fucking sucks too.

But if you want to *ahem* get lucky, there’s only one thing to do…

3. Get Back on that Horse!

cat typing
This should be you

Take a good, hard look at your piece. Just not while you’re drinking the wine.

Polish the parts that need polishing. Chop the parts that need chopping. Kill those darlings!

And then send it back out.

Your stuff is good. You’re good. Have some faith, and get back on that horse, baby!

Now get writing!


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