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Marvel Movies & Drink Pairings: Captain America

Sure, you know you want to watch a Marvel superhero movie.

But what are you going to drink while you watch?

This blog to the rescue!

The Movie: Captain America


The Drink: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Red, white, and blue uniform (uh, label)? …. Check!

Been around for over seventy years?… Check!

Made in America? … Check!

Does well when ice cold?… Check!

Pabst Blue Ribbon it is!

I know Steve Rogers can’t get drunk. But I think he’d like you to enjoy a couple of PBRs while you watch him save the world from Hydra. For the first time.

cpt america salute
Drink responsibly, friends!

Runner Up: Schnapps

If you’re more of an escaping-the-Nazis bio-medical scientist and less of a soldier, go ahead and try schnapps with this one.

You’re going to save me some, right?

Just make sure you’re drinking the real stuff, and not this:

When you drink Pucker, Hydra wins.


Click here for Iron Man’s drink pairing.

Click here for Thor’s drink pairing.

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