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Marvel Movies & Drink Pairings: Iron Man

Sure, you know you want to watch a Marvel superhero movie.

But what are you going to drink while you watch?

That’s what this blog will answer!

The Movie: Iron Man

M Payoff 1sht

The Drink: Single Malt Scotch

This one’s pretty obvious.

But there are so many single malts out there – which one pairs best with Tony Stark?

Option A: If you’re Tony Stark


Drink this. Dalmore is the best single malt on the planet. (Don’t think so? You’re wrong, but make your case in the comments.)

And hey, if you’re Tony Stark, you don’t have to worry about the price tag!


Option B: If You’re a Pleb Like the Rest of Us

skye whiskey

Drink this: Isle of Skye Blended Scotch.

True, it’s not a single malt – but it does come from the Isle of Skye (like the MacLeods) and mere mortals can still afford it.


Now your biggest problem is learning how to fly that damn suit!

iron man crash

Click here for Thor’s drink pairing.

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